I begin with a canvas or plywood surface and laboriously apply plaster, acrylic, oil, ink and graphite layers.  The scraping away of sections achieves a distinctly rich, subtle and shifting texture. While the majority of my work explores a white palette, many of my pieces are graphic.  The intricacies and anomalies that occur with persistent layering are deeply compelling.  I am interested in the tension, in life and in painting, between change and permanence, between order and spontaneity.  The deepest coats of faint color are haunting.  I love how the viewing is affected by the light, one’s mood and interpretations of the text.  In creating a piece, I am motivated by pursuit of beauty; an eventual resolution that feels honest.  I incorporate text, using conversations, phrases and vignettes that are personal narratives and transcriptions of actual experiences. When I create a piece that reveals a mundane and also intensely formative moment in my life, I do it as a testimony to my children and fellow observers who can identify.  The literal scraping away of layering is beautiful to me aesthetically; the revealing of my soul is equally so.  Creating pieces that allow a viewer a respite, either through aesthetic beauty or the intimate knowledge of an experience that is represented, is my intention.